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Your Vision for learning Chinese becomes mine.
1-minute Chinese Character Aptitude Test
Too easy? Ok Einstein; try these real Chinese characters!
Contact me to set up a free and thorough one-on-one assessment.

Educational Services:

  • Listening and speaking
  • Reading and writing
  • Integrated listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking in Mandarin
  • Simple and/or Traditional Chinese Characters

Translational Services:

  • Your personal Professional Translator at events - Converences, Meetings, Special Events
  • Document translation - Chinese to English and English to Chinese

Reasons for learning:

  • Personal interest / hobby
  • Mental stimulation to maintain acumen
  • Children education
  • Better grades in school
  • Business growth strategy
  • Better business relationships


  • Children from toddlers to age 12 - In-home or classroom venue
  • Adolescents - In-home, classroom, or Skype venue
  • Adults - classroom, Skype, or professional venue
  • Internationals - by Skype anywhere in the world
  • Corporate: Senior Management / Workforce - Local-in-person, or by Skype

Understanding over Memorization:

  • New mouth-sound movements
  • Conversation tones vs. written tones
  • Chinese pronunciation of the English letters
  • Contexual and associative learning
  • See the picture behind the character

An instructor with a friendly smile:

  • For a fun and relaxed learning experience
  • Broad experience teaching children
  • Extensive experience teaching adult multi-national
  • Educated language instructor

Convenient technology and location:

  • Face-to-face locally
  • By Skype in your own home

By Skype to anywhere in the world: Cathy teaching International Students via Skype
I have much experience teaching adults and older adolescents through Skype all over the world.
But I close my eyes when I laugh!

By classroom instruction or at Power Events: Cathy's classroom students Red Dress for Professional Events
My teaching experience includes University English in China; surrounding me are some of my students! Do you need a Translator at Power Events? I can dress up for any occasion - let me be your personal Professional Translator.

Bachelor's degree and Master's degree Bachelor's Degree from the Language University, Beijing, China Master's Degree from MacQuarrie University, Sydney, Australia
That's the Beijing Language University where I achieved my Bachelor's Degree. This November I finish my Masters Degree in Translation and Interpreting, MacQuarrie University, Sydney, Australia.

Sydney, Australia is wonderful! Having fun in Sydney, Australia
Life's a zoo, and a beach!

Sydney, Australia

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