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Strategic Management in the Multinational Enterprise


1.        International and Domestic Stakeholder Activism

2.        Global Strategy Management: Pooling Technology Resources

3.        German Cultural Characteristics Affecting Technology Transfer

4.        Penetrate Markets ASAP With Intellectual-Property-Protected Monopolies

5.        Words, Meanings, Values:  Improving Communication, Cooperation, and Efficiency Across the Transnational Organization


Program and Project Management of Technology Systems


6.        Perception versus Reality, Playing with the Numbers

7.        Apple Computer finds that SOS really means "Help!"

8.        Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

9.        Vision with Industrious Ingenuity can Overcome Tradition

10.     Putting Leadership and Responsibility Back Into Management

11.     Project Plan and Rationale for Development of CATS Software Package

12.     High-Technology Business Model Based on Small Government Technology Grant Programs

13.     Enterprise Resource Planning System: Implementing Business Change at United Technologies Chemical Systems Division


Information Technology and Decision Science


14.     Fantasies in Electronic Conferencing

15.     Evaluating Information System Software

16.     Maneuvering your Competitor into a Position of "Precipitous Decision Making"

17.     Information System Contributions to Quality at Engineering Design Environments

18.     Case Studies:  Automatic Manufacturing Processes and Market-Knowledge Information Systems

19.     Growing Decision Support Systems into Group-Decision and Executive-Decision Support Systems

20.     Information System Design for Strategic Business Applications in the Government Laboratory System

21.     Information System Technology to the Rescue for Safe Use and Storage of Chemical and Nuclear Materials


Innovation Processes


22.     Innovative Behaviors at Synopsis

23.     Paradigm Shifting in the National Laboratory System: 1943-1996

24.     Paradigm Shifting in Du Pont Research and Innovation: 1945-1972

25.     Preston Tucker:  Analysis of Tactical Successes and Strategic Failure

26.     Finding Change Agents and Change Vehicles within an "Insiders" Organization

27.     Analysis of the Impact of Management Styles Upon Development and Implementation of Innovative Processes


Managing Change and Risk in Operations and Manufacturing


28.     "Shift Happens!"

29.     General Risk Assessment in Industrial Operations

30.     Reducing Radwaste Analysis Time in Japan by Reinventing a Better Wheel


Technology Forecasting and Strategic Planning


31.     Trends in Knowledge Technology (2001-2009)

32.     Maui University Graduates "Strategic Thinkers"

33.     Graduates of Maui University Design the Future

34.     External Factors Influencing Nuclear Power - Future Outlook

35.     NASA's Opportunities and Roles In Development of Space Fusion Propulsion

36.     Technology Forecasting with Delphi Analysis - Trends in Business Laser Technology

37.     Recommendation to the NASA Working Group: Steps Toward Research Announcement Start

38.     Preliminary Strategic Outline for Near-term Economic Viability of Fusion Energy: Industry-led Consortia


Strategic Management of Research & Development


39.     Operating Strategies at Chaparral Steel

40.     Access to Space Architecture: Single Stage to Orbit Trade-Off Analysis

41.     Perspective on Technology Development Process at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Technology Marketing Management


42.     Rubbermaid Outlook Analysis for the Late 1990s

43.     Market Diffusion of Novel Radiation Detectors and Methods

44.     Wal-Mart Versus Target: Struggle for Upscale Market Share in the 1990s

45.     Preliminary Marketing Plan for Construction of a Fusion Isotope Generator (FIG) for Production of Special Isotopes


Applied Microeconomics


46.     Microeconomic Outlook for Sun Microsystems

47.     Elasticity of Demand: Bottled Water and Jolt Cola

48.     Service Cost Inputs for Radioanalysis of Environmental Samples

49.     Defining Economics in the Vernacular of the National Laboratory

50.     Demand Function Analysis for Radioanalysis of Environmental Samples


Venture Cost Management


51.     Activity-Based Management Accounting System

52.     Strategic Cost analysis of Technological Investments

53.     Internationalism and Cost-Accounting System Effects on Decision Making and Support Costing

54.     Return on Investment Analysis for Development and Marketing of Novel In-Situ Nuclear Fuel Detectors and Methods


Business Financial Management


55.     IT Professionals Value Financial Statements

56.     "Make-vs-Buy" Dilemma with needed Application Software

57.     Analysis of Privatizing the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

58.     Common Budgeting Problems with Small Government Research Projects

59.     "Capital Budgeting" Considerations in Computer and Software Acquisitions

60.     Case Studies of Recent Information Technology Failures:  eBay, CheckFree, and AOL


Strategic Planning in Information Systems


61.     A New Paradigm for Bargain-Hunting Shopping Agents

62.     Considerations in Outsourcing the Information System Function

63.     Leveraging Information Technology for Marketing Across Borders


Risk Management in Information Systems


64.     The Security Nightmare Faced by eBay

65.     Recommended Disaster Recover Plan for eBay

66.     Internet Security and Real Networks Corporation

67.     Assessing Return-On-Investment for Implementation of a New Radioanalytical Method at the Radiation and Analytical Measurements Laboratory


Management of Contracts, Ethics, and Intellectual Property


68.     Corporate Perspective on IP and Ethics

69.     An IT Manager's View on Computer Ethics

70.     Multicultural Issues in Information Systems

71.     Product Support Issues for Information Systems

72.     Information Reliability in Information System Contracts

73.     Training the Organization to Protect Intellectual Property

74.     An IT Manager's View on Privacy and the Information Age

75.     Intellectual Property Valuation and Potential Buyer Assessment

76.     An IT Manager's View on Intellectual Property Rights in an International Setting

77.     Summary of Information System Contract Issues Between Client (PhoenixTech) and Vendor (NexGen)


Human Relations and Organization Behavior


78.     Organizational Goals: "Official" Versus "Expedient"

79.     Post Cold-War Contingency Design in the National Laboratory Setting

80.     Calibrating Power: Elements for an "Effective" Personnel Performance Appraisal


Human Factors in the Changing Organization


81.     Ergonomic Misconceptions by Management

82.     Scoping Study for the Beneficial Effects of a Well-Illuminated Office

83.     Reducing Productivity by Winning Awards for Saving Lighting Energy Costs

84.     Assessing your Ergonomic Environment toward providing an Imaginative Environment


Software Engineering Management


85.     Primer on the Evolution of the C Programming Language

86.     Information Planning and Consensus in Large Scale Projects

87.     Proposal for an Online Personal Benefits Tracking System Database

88.     Primer on the Phased Approach to "Purchased" Enterprise-Wide Software Implementation

89.     Feasibility Study for Implementing a Time-Saving Radioanalytical Method in the U.S. Fissile Materials Disposition Program


Operating Systems


90.     I/O Management and Windows NT

91.     Comparison of Macintosh OS and Windows NT


Networks and Data Communications


92.     Overview of the SuperNet Network Control and Management System

93.     Proposed Local Area Network Design for the Multi-Building Company Multimedia CPU


Database Technology


94.     Case History of a Data Management Project Horror Story

95.     Proposed University on Maui Emphasizing Knowledge Technology Through Data Management and Network Technologies
Cupertino, California 95014 / (408) 772-2811
SkypeName: Blue.Sea.Breeze